Data Centre

Data Center

Our Datacenters are spread across the globe, this make us pride in offering the best services from the industry. Our Datacenters are equipped with the robust infrastructure to cater every industry and anywhere across the globe.


  • Hundreds of distributed servers are seamlessly integrated.
  • Offers High-availability, unmatched reliability & redundancy.

Our Datacenters

Our datacenters meets all the pre-requirements and have followed all the qualifications as required.

Connection of several distributed servers across various datacenters worldwide make us offer superior services to all our customers and resellers.


Our datacenters are well connected to the internet through Gigabit Ethernet connections from all different service providers. Each of they laid a separate fibre optical cables into the datacenters through a separate entry points.


Security measures that we follow and regular checks along with multiple monitors on the security aspects helps us to avoid the failures and fix them within no time if any. All our premises are closely monitored by the cameras and access controls adds another level of security. We make sure all the data and the resources are secure and safe round the clock.


Reliability and Scalability

Our Datacenters are built with a complex mesh of globally distributed servers interact with each other. The complete architecture is based on the common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 architecture. All the above mentioned features make us deliver the best service to match your expectations and take part in your growth. You are always kept away from worrying about the infrastructure, architecture, uptime scalability, network and response.


Our globally connected datacenter infrastructure helps you to stay away from all worries on the data hosted. We along with our partners concentrate and invest in providing the best service for the end customers and resellers. We do build all the products with the help or other partners and share you the access to use them. We negotiate and make sure you get the best out of your investment.


Power an essential resource to run the datacenter is taken a good care and made all arrangements for the change over from external power to generator and UPS.


Required temperature are maintained in the datacenters with the help of our AC systems and make sure that is maintained constant for ever for a better performance and reliability.


Latest smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are fixed within the Datacenters to protect from any unexpected incident. Unlike other ordinary water based systems which cause more damages to the datacenters we use the latest detectors within the datacenters.


All our infrastructure and architecture helps us in sharing a white labeled architecture to support all our partners and resellers across the globe. We also share you all the help needed time to time to get your white labeled panel s to be branded on all our resellers’ respective brand name. Branded name servers is one of the best options that we support with, so that a freelancer, reseller can avail a 24/7, 365days support from us.